classics I threw away or sold ... foolishly

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> On Wed, May 18, 2016, Swift Griggs wrote:
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> > I've stack-ranked all the classic items that I, to my everlasting shame,
> > let go of at some point and now I feel like it was a mistake:
> I guess I don't have too much to regret yet. The things I regret getting
> rid of:

I thought of the most recent one, probably about a year ago. It was before
I had gotten into this community and thereby had my horizons broadened; so
at the time all I cared about was working Commodore, Sun, and NeXT stuff,
with maybe a little SGI interest. It was a local Craigslist posting I saw:

    Harris 800 super-mini computer circuit boards - $1 (Janesville)
    4 full sets of working circuit boards for the Harris 800 super-mini
computer, including CPU.

Like I said, I didn't care much about getting non-working stuff (or stuff
that would only work if I had a whole super-mini to put it in), but because
it was Harris (which I previously mentioned wanting) I was sort of
interested. But I never called; was worried about the size of the
collection and the actual price (not really $1 I assume).

I finally called a few months ago but just left a voicemail, which was
never returned. I called the number again just now to see if the set had in
fact been sold or given away, and got an actual human. I asked if the
boards were gone and she said yes, and I said did someone actually take
them, and she said yes. Not a really chatty person. I'm kicking myself for
not asking where they came from in the first place, but I feel like if I
called back now with that question I'd seem like a pain in the butt.

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