MINC is going to Pete Turnbull (tony duell)

Mark Matlock mark at matlockfamily.com
Sat May 21 12:32:22 CDT 2016

> I would hope whoever gets it is prepared to exchange information. There is no 
> software with my machine, of course.

     Congrats! Once you pick up the system feel free to contact me about getting copies of the limited software I have for the MINC at this time. They are great systems to experiment with.

Mark Matlock

> In case anyone is worried I am keeping 2 MINCs myself. One is an RL01-based
> one that I have pulled the CPU, RAM and Bootstrap cards from and hung it off
> a DW11-B (Unibus-Qbus interface) on a PDP11/45 (yes, that does work!). I've not
> got the 11/45 running after the house move, but it is all there and sorting it out
> is just a matter of time The other MINC is a MINC-23 (PDP11/23 CPU board),
> with an RX02. I am also keeping at least one of every MINC module I have 
> ever owned, including MNCAG (analogue preamplifier) and MNCTP 
> (thermocouple interface).

    Using a DW11-B to connect the MINC to a PDP-11/45 sounds fantastic! What a neat idea! I have all the MINC modules except the MNCTP thermocouple interface and the MNCAM analog mux. With the modified BDV11 I've been able to boot 11/03, 11/23 and 11/73 CPUs. I run either RT-11 and RSX11M by changing MicroSD cards on the UC07 / SCSI2SD drives (configured as 4 150 MB drives). I understand some MINC-23s ran RSX and would love to find any drivers for RSX and the MINC modules.

Mark Matlock

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