MINC is going to Pete Turnbull (tony duell)

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat May 21 12:37:57 CDT 2016

>     Using a DW11-B to connect the MINC to a PDP-11/45 sounds fantastic!

Believe-it-or-not I did it becuase I didn't have an RL11. I used the RLV11 in the 
MINC to interface to the RL01s. Yes, that does work. 

> What a neat idea! I have all the MINC modules except the MNCTP
> thermocouple interface and the MNCAM analog mux. With the modified

I think the MNCAM is the only one I am missing.
I have : MNCAD (ADC), MNCAA (DAC), MNCAG (preamplifier, MNCTP 
(Thermocouple amplifier), MNCDI (Digital Input), MNCDO (Digital
Output) and MNCKW (Clock). Are there others?

> BDV11 I've been able to boot 11/03, 11/23 and 11/73 CPUs. I run either
> RT-11 and RSX11M by changing MicroSD cards on the UC07 / SCSI2SD 
> drives (configured as 4 150 MB drives). I understand some MINC-23s ran
>  RSX and would love to find any drivers for RSX and the MINC modules.

The MINC is a standard Q-bus system. The backplane looks odd, but it's 
just Qbus with CD interconnect. I can't remember if there is CD interconnect
between the logic cards (in the right hand compartment with the silly notice
on top [1]) and the MINC modules, but there is certainly CD interconnect 
between the logic boards (the RLV11 needs it for one thing) and between
the MINC modules (that's how the clock gets to trigger the ADC and how
the mux and preamplifiers feed the ADC). The rear 2 connectors of each 
MINC module are normal Qbus AFAIK.

I've never seen RSX drivers for the MINC modules. There was a set of 
RT11 libraries, etc. 


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