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Ian S. King isking at uw.edu
Sat May 21 16:05:37 CDT 2016

Hey Pete,

I have software and documentation, too.  I really like my MINC.  My machine
is RX02 based, but I have a SCSI adapter for it.  One of these days, I'm
going to get around to either putting a real SCSI drive or a SCSI-to-SD
adapter in it.

If you have the 11/03 version, you need the earlier version of the MINC
software.  The 11/23 version needs a later version of the software, because
of some changes in the instruction set - not all PDP-11 processors were
created equal!  And RT-11 will indeed run fine on these.

On Sat, May 21, 2016 at 10:37 AM, tony duell <ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk>

> >     Using a DW11-B to connect the MINC to a PDP-11/45 sounds fantastic!
> Believe-it-or-not I did it becuase I didn't have an RL11. I used the RLV11
> in the
> MINC to interface to the RL01s. Yes, that does work.
> > What a neat idea! I have all the MINC modules except the MNCTP
> > thermocouple interface and the MNCAM analog mux. With the modified
> I think the MNCAM is the only one I am missing.
> I have : MNCAD (ADC), MNCAA (DAC), MNCAG (preamplifier, MNCTP
> (Thermocouple amplifier), MNCDI (Digital Input), MNCDO (Digital
> Output) and MNCKW (Clock). Are there others?
> > BDV11 I've been able to boot 11/03, 11/23 and 11/73 CPUs. I run either
> > RT-11 and RSX11M by changing MicroSD cards on the UC07 / SCSI2SD
> > drives (configured as 4 150 MB drives). I understand some MINC-23s ran
> >  RSX and would love to find any drivers for RSX and the MINC modules.
> The MINC is a standard Q-bus system. The backplane looks odd, but it's
> just Qbus with CD interconnect. I can't remember if there is CD
> interconnect
> between the logic cards (in the right hand compartment with the silly
> notice
> on top [1]) and the MINC modules, but there is certainly CD interconnect
> between the logic boards (the RLV11 needs it for one thing) and between
> the MINC modules (that's how the clock gets to trigger the ADC and how
> the mux and preamplifiers feed the ADC). The rear 2 connectors of each
> MINC module are normal Qbus AFAIK.
> I've never seen RSX drivers for the MINC modules. There was a set of
> RT11 libraries, etc.
> -tony

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