Front Panel News - New production run coming up

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Fri May 27 12:36:50 CDT 2016


        Our order for front panel blanks has now arrived. We have enough 
to make ten of each of

PDP-8/e (A)



PDP-8/i *

PDP-8/L *


* New - uses a 465mm x 150 mm panel

I'm expecting production of  PDP-8/e (A) and PDP-8/e(B) to start on 
Tuesday 31-MAY-2016 at one layer per day (allowing for drying time) plus 
set up and packing. The first panels should start coming off the line on 
or about 8-JUN-2016.

PDP-8/f and PDP-8/m should start about the 13-JUN-2016  finishing about 

Followed by PDP-8/i

Followed by PDP-8/L

Followed by PDP-II/XX

Price remains unchanged at USD150.00 per panel plus USD20 shipping.

Payment to PayPal  rodsmallwood52 at

There's only ten of each type so one of each type per customer please

Back orders ship first then in order received sequence.

_*Just a quick note about production techniques. *_

The printing is done by hand on a printing table. Its a big heavy cast 
iron tray about a foot deep and five feet square. It stands about three 
feet high  There are hundreds of small holes in the bottom to allow a 
vacuum to hold down whats being printed.  On top of the table is an 
arrangement of bars and slides to allow one or more silk screen frames 
to brought down on a work piece held down by the vacuum.

Next to the table is the drying rack. It looks like half a giant 
rolodex. You put your wet work between the pages.They are made of open 
mesh panels to allow air to circulate.

You  start by marking the position of the blank panel on the bottom of 
the table. Then the first screen is positioned over the work and 
horizontal movement locked. You can still move the frame vertically.

Position your work between the marked guides on the bottom of the table. 
Bring down the frame and drag the ink across the screen. Put the wet 
printed blank in the drying frame and repeat for each panel in the batch.

Wait 24 hours and setup your next fame for the next layer(color) Take 
first panel out of drying rack print and replace.

Repeat for each board in the batch until done. Cycle time per batch 
about eight days elapsed.

Rod (Panelman) Smallwood

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