Seeking Sanyo CRT-70 RGB monitor in the US

Adrian Graham witchy at
Fri May 27 14:44:29 CDT 2016


I've been contacted by someone wanting to recreate these monitors and is
wanting to buy mine but I can't sell it since it's the only one I've got and
apropos of nothing shipping a glass tube across the pond without expensive
packing/dismantling isn't really an option. He claims mine is the only one
he's seen in 5 years of searching, are they really that rare?

This is mine, matching its MBC-555 PC nicely:

Speaking to him tonight he really only wants to borrow one for taking a
casting of the front bezel so has anyone over there got one to lend/rent to
him? I think he's in CA but will check if necessary.


Binary Dinosaurs creator/curator - the UK's biggest private home computer

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