Sun May 29 21:03:26 CDT 2016

I will  comment...  make anything talk to a tty.
The designer is  wonderful. Keep him encouraged.
I like to see people actually  doing something !
We are implementing thee boards in  some of our in house   displays at the 
SMECC museum 
and  several offsite journalism displays incorporating    teletype 
Eric implemented  several  features we suggested that we  needed  for our 
Glad to see the designer  getting  some credit.
ed# _www.smecc.org_ (  
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cisin at writes:

On Sun,  29 May 2016, wulfman wrote:
> I figured some of you might have had an  interest. Excuse me if i was 

WITH a sentence or so of  commentary.

An email with NO content other than a URL and an impersonal  signature, 
but no personal description, and with a subject line of the URL  looks 
more like a malware offer than a mention of interesting  content.

We need SOMETHING to indicate that it is from YOU, rather than  from 
crypto-locker.    (and not just "Click on this!")
Do you  trust Thunderbird to reliably block those kinds of  emails?

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