Finally! Opened my TeleVideo TPC-1

Ian S. King isking at
Sun May 29 21:06:46 CDT 2016

Hi all,

A while back I asked if anyone knew how to open the case of this early
luggable, and there were crickets. Well, I pulled it out today with the
intention of poking and prodding, and I magically got it to open!

There's a top piece that is fastened to the front bezel with two apparent
screws. But it is also snapped in to the rear cover in a manner that is not
readily apparent or discernable. If one removes two screws at either end of
the rear cover, the rear piece will cantilever back ever so slightly, and
the latching of the plastic pieces will separate without damage.

The power supply assembly is fastened to the bottom of the case with a
couple of screws that come up from below/outside, so I'd already removed
those.  It should be relatively simple to rotate the assembly so that I can
remove the screws holding the PCB to a backpiece, providing access to the
PCB so I can replace the 30+ year old electrolytics.  Given the symptoms,
this seems like the most likely root casuse.... -- Ian

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