William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Sun May 29 22:02:25 CDT 2016

> You either have a stick up your ass, are too stupid to know the
> difference between a malware link and a real link OR
> both.

There are a lot of ways that malware links can slip through.

My eyes are getting old and failing, so that some m's and look like n's.


There is a smudge on my screen, so that some k's look like h's.


Its 4:30 AM, I am plowing through email, and all the characters are
starting to blur.

Malware authors count on some of these situations coming up, with some
smart people with stickless asses falling into them, clicking,
and...well, maybe someone's day gets ruined. Remember, malware authors
expect very low yields, so even my somewhat outlandish examples might
be fruitful.

Basically, posting lone URL's like you did is really bad form in this
age - even on lists of trusted friends (which this is not!). I can
total respect Fred's issue.

In the future, please state the subject clearly.


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