Xerox Star install floppies

David Griffith dave at
Sun May 29 23:15:38 CDT 2016

Over the past six months or so, I've been selling install floppies for the 
Xerox 8010 Star.  I had no idea if I had a full set or not.  I'd just put 
together a set of as many unique floppies that I could find from my stash. 
Then last week I was asked if I had a full set.  This person then stated 
that Al Kossow might or might not have a full set.  In any case, it's not 
on Bitsavers.  Al expressed interest in a set that I offered a couple 
months ago, but he never followed up on that.  So, would someone please 
confirm the existance of a full set of install floppy images for the Xerox 
8010 Star somewhere?

The floppies I have left are these:

ViewPoint 1.1 (file check)
ViewPoint 1.1 (essential applications)
ViewPoint 1.1.6 Common Software
ViewPoint 1.1.2 Local RS232C Communications Access

David Griffith
dave at

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