Xerox Star install floppies

Al Kossow aek at
Mon May 30 09:54:34 CDT 2016

there is not a full set. Bear and I are trying to put one together from what he got and
what exists from other sources

unfortunately, we didn't connect when you offered all of the ones you had in 2009, and Bear didn't win all of
the auctions

the last four would be helpful, and they should go to Bear

On 5/29/16 9:15 PM, David Griffith wrote:
> Over the past six months or so, I've been selling install floppies for the Xerox 8010 Star.  I had no idea if I had a
> full set or not.  I'd just put together a set of as many unique floppies that I could find from my stash. Then last week
> I was asked if I had a full set.  This person then stated that Al Kossow might or might not have a full set.  In any
> case, it's not on Bitsavers.  Al expressed interest in a set that I offered a couple months ago, but he never followed
> up on that.  So, would someone please confirm the existance of a full set of install floppy images for the Xerox 8010
> Star somewhere?
> The floppies I have left are these:
> ViewPoint 1.1 (file check)
> ViewPoint 1.1 (essential applications)
> ViewPoint 1.1.6 Common Software
> ViewPoint 1.1.2 Local RS232C Communications Access

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