Archived viruses, was Re: Reasonable price for a complete SOL-20 system?

Ali cctalk at
Sat Oct 22 12:36:32 CDT 2016

> > I didn't think modern A/V products included complete historical sets
> > of signatures. I
> I would certainly expect them to, yes!

Just wondering are you guys not running AV SW on your old HW? I personally run period specific AV SW on my older machines. Granted I have mostly IBM 51xx series machines and later Macs so AV SW is easier to find. 

Since I get most of my stuff for these machines from dubious sources (e-bay, garage sales, some random FTP, etc.) I never know what I am getting. So all of my computers run AV of SW of some form. Biggest issue is finding the latest signature DB that works on older versions of the SW. F-Prot had a DOS version available until a few years ago. I am not sure if any of the AV makers still have an up to date AV SW for DOS...

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