cctech vs cctalk issues / was Re: DEC bus transceivers

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Mon Oct 24 14:26:51 CDT 2016

I'm still getting duplicates from cctech:  I'm registered to cctalk but for many messages, a day after it appears via cctalk, the same message shows up from cctech - this has been going on since the list crash a year or two ago.
It seems to be the messages that were sent to cctech.
It gets annoying when a block of 20 messages comes in and you have to read through them all to realise you've already seen them.

I thought the outcome of conversation of these issues after the list crash was cctech was going to be eliminated/amalgamated. Having the two lists may be resulting in more detriment than benefit.

On 2016-Oct-24, at 11:08 AM, Al Kossow wrote:

> having half of this conversation not making it from cctech to cctalk is really starting to piss me off

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