vt100 terminfo with padding for an actual vt100?

emanuel stiebler emu at e-bbes.com
Tue Sep 6 04:59:10 CDT 2016

On 2016-09-06 02:43, Fritz Mueller wrote:
> Hi all, thanks for the help/advice!

> Another idea that might work would be to take an FPGA proto board that I have
> and hack up a better serial port — something with some buffering and xon/xoff
> logic sitting downstream of the USB interface.

Why not just leave it at 4800?

You're spending a lot of effort to get transmit at 19200, then have to 
insert padding for all screen control, so are you sure it is worth your 

Don't mind playing with hardware, don't get me wrong, but the result is 
still a 4800 baud terminal ;-)

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