Logic Analyser Advice

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Sep 10 00:02:13 CDT 2016

> I finally managed to pick up a logic analyser for a price I could justify.
> It is a HP1630G and it comes with a number of pods. However the pods do not

I have an HP1630 of some flavour and find it very useful. AFAIK it was the last
series of logic analysers from HP to have proper service manuals...

The difference between the various models (suffix letters) is which timing/state
input boards are fitted. 

For the old computer people here, it's controlled by a 6809 of some
flavour. There is a 6829 MMU chip in there as well, one of the few times
you will see one of those. 

You want to download all the manuals from Keysight. There is a lot of
useful information in them

> seem to have the actual wires/probes. Is there a separate part number for
> these that I should look for. There seem to be quite a few items like this:
> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291753390848, are these likely to be suitable
> alternatives?

I assume you have the pods themselves -- the little boxes on the ends of
the input cables. The probes/wires that go into those are totally passive 
just bits of wire with grabber clips on the end. The connector that goes
into the pod is an HP special housing, but that was just for convenience. 
There are normal pin connectors down the holes, and I suspect the Ebay
listing you have given would fit.

Be very careful if you take a pod apart, there is a delicate ceramic hybrid
circuit inside.


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