Short test programs for pdp 11/34

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Thu Sep 22 22:14:35 CDT 2016

    > From: Devin Davison

    > I am looking for a short program to key in to try and test the
    > functionality of the cpu.

"BRANCH ." is always a good one - 0777. If that runs, much of the CPU is
functional, and any errors found from there should be pretty easy to track

    > Is there anywhere aside from the DEC manuals I could go to get a quick
    > idea of how to operate the front panel? The manual is very in depth,
    > however i am looking for sort of a quick start guide to get started
    > pretty quickly.

I'm assuming you have the 'Programmer's Front Console', the one with the 0-7
number keys, etc? If you have the simple one, instead, that uses a program in
ROM to drive the console serial line, and most of the CPU has to be running to
use that.

The Programmer's Console is pretty simple. Key in the address, hit "LAD"
(Load Address), and then you can read ("EXAM"), store ("DEP" - after entering
the number you want deposit), or start the CPU running at that address (hold
down "CNRTL" and "START"). Hitting "EXAM" multiple times examines successive
locations - "DIS AD" will show you how far it has gotten. If the CPU is
running ("RUN" light is on), pressing down "CNRTL" and "HLT/SS" will halt it.
Load, deposit, etc don't work unless the CPU is halted.


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