TI 99/4a It Lives! but extended basic? acts bizzare...Help?

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Mon Dec 11 19:52:25 CST 2017

TI 99/4a It  Lives! but extended basic?  acts   bizarre...
Great  got the  video cable 5 bucks   from the  UK  - -SOLVED!
Works  and fires up with out the extended basic  plugged in
but when I pluged it in and  selected the option  for  extended basic at 
book up just hangs  no
prompt on screen  etc.
I have the  screed  that TI had that was more of an  industrial  display 
rather than the  
screen that was converted TV that may have been earlier.. Heavy little  
It has a  strong mesh looking internal mask on the screen   compared to 
modern   color CRTS/
We also have  a  Epson looking  printer  with TI logo  to pair up
The  goal of  course is to  set  up as a display  at  SMECC Museum  with  
some of the other micros 
where it  can be demo'ed  I have the speech  module   too but have no idea  
what to do with that.
 Have a disc with cable but need  some  sort of an expansion  to plug it 
The adventure  continues... as  always   drop any  ideas  hits  etc  to 
Learning as  we  go As I never used or  sold any of these  when in the biz 
back then!
Ed Sharpe Archivist  for SMECC  _www.smecc.org_ (http://www.smecc.org) 

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