To the 2901 bit slicers out there

Jos Dreesen jos.dreesen at
Thu Dec 28 01:05:45 CST 2017

On 28.12.2017 05:35, Randy Dawson via cctalk wrote:
> Since I know there's tons of PDP/11 geniuses here, and other gurus with a NOVA 4, and a Tektronix 4052 guy (I have the 4051):
> What have you done, with microprogramming this part?  In your architecture,  have you changed the microcode, create an instruction to enhance your machine?

I changed the microcode in my 2901-based  ETH Lilith such that it can use an ATA-harddisk instead of the unobtainium SD-120 Mididisk.
It works in my Lilith emulator Emulith, sadly the real Lilith is still down with other issues so it has not been tested with the real hardware.

> What about the coding tools?  ADASM?  Looks long gone, how do you do microcode today?

As is to be expected the Lilith came with its own modula-2 based coding tool. I wipped up another one in C.
Note that this is a lilith-microcode assembler, as it covers more than just the 2901.
  I would expect this to be the case for other machines as well.

All tools & microcode and emulators are on my FTP site


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