Kenbaks in Nova Scotia

Brad H vintagecomputer at
Sun Jan 15 02:08:01 CST 2017

Never know what you'll find googling around.  I'm kind of curious about this.  There is a 'museum' (barely.. they have less stuff than I do) in Nova Scotia that has 7 Kenbak-1s.  I read how they got them.. from a gentleman in South Carolina.  In his own write up, he said he would only sell them for a 'substantial price'.  Since I know one sold not too long ago for $30k+.. I'm wondering what the museum paid and why he sold 7 them.  And how a tiny museum in a tiny province could afford them.  Kind of a head scratcher!
I think this link will give you the story.. the gentleman that sold them asked to have it posted.  I'm sure this must have been covered at some point in the past.. it's an interesting read though for those lioe me that have never seen it before.  I didn't expect one Kenbak to be in Canada let alone 7.

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