Bus and Tag Telex drive listed (Ebay alert)

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Fri Jan 20 21:04:40 CST 2017

The same vendor which listed the CDC Keystone drives also has listed a 
pair of Telex drives with Bus & Tag.  I don't recall who has the 
incoming 4341, but this would be a great and for the mainframe, compact 
half inch tape subsystem.  I would check, but I believe this would have 
all you need for hooking it up from what the listing says for two drives.

Located in Sacramento, Ca, would need freighting & shipping, as auction 
is marked local pickup only.

Hope someone saves them.  Probably way more compact and less fuss the 
3420's.  I doubt anyone will find many 3411's which would be the next 
most desirable, since it also has a builtin controller if you get the 
370 version.  With the 3411, you have to watch out for IBM 36 or some 
such which looked the same, but only had a single Bus cable to the 
host.  But I digress.  the 18" x 18" x 18" block of steel you don't have 
to deal with in the 3803 and probably 900# of just the controller makes 
a lot of difference.




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