tu58fs - PDP-11 file sharing with TU58 tape emulator

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at t-online.de
Fri Jan 20 13:51:05 CST 2017


I'm working on a special TU58 emulator called "tu58fs".
It saves the "tape content" not only in a binary image file, but also as 
a file set in a shared directory on the host.

The content of the "tape" (as seen by the PDP) changes automatically as 
files are moved in and out of the shared dir.
This works in both direction: creating/changing/deleting a file on the 
"tape" modifies the files in the directory.

Today tu58fs passed the tests for standard XXDP tapes, good time to tell 
the world about it.

If you like to have a look (and play beta tester):

Docs on http://retrocmp.com/tools/tu58fs
C sources and makefile on https://github.com/j-hoppe/tu58fs

tu58fs is intended to be a general tool for easy file sharing between a 
PDP and the modern world. For this as much DEC filesystems as possible 
should be implemented.
We need more than XXDP, but I wasn't able to find documents about the 
structure of DOS-11, RT-11 or FILES-11/ODS-1.

Any links?


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