Transformer part ID please

ben bfranchuk at
Sun Jan 22 21:20:35 CST 2017

On 1/21/2017 2:46 PM, Adrian Graham wrote:
> On 21/01/2017 21:08, "Chuck Guzis" <cclist at> wrote:
>> On 01/21/2017 12:43 PM, Adrian Graham wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> Does anyone know what this is? It's obviously a transformer coil(s)
>>> but image search and googling those markings produces nothing:
>>> It's taking and giving +5V but I'm sure it should also be producing
>>> another voltage...
>> The marking identifies it as a Mullard ferrite core (LA4543) but says
>> nothing about how it's wound.
> I kinda hoped it was a stock part given that everything else in this machine
> is right off the shelf or at least appears to be...
> Cheers!
We all know getting your FLUX CAPACITOR to work, requires non standard 
parts. :)

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