11/34 with drives on ebay

E. Groenenberg ed at groenenberg.net
Thu Jan 26 14:50:03 CST 2017

On Thu, January 26, 2017 21:41, jim stephens wrote:
> On 1/26/2017 12:26 PM, Jay West wrote:
>> A fully working 11/34, in a complete period rack (with all side panels
>> and
>> filler panels), and 4 working RL02's, VT220, a Decwriter, a good set of
>> disk
>> packs, RSTS 7 media and manuals.... All shown working (except the LA)..
>> $1000 isn't realistic at all. It should definitely be higher than that.
> I've seen the H960 racks go for a significant percentage of the $1000 in
> the shape this system
> is in.  As Jay said, someone backs up to this guys operation and moves
> this carefully and has
> a running system (and the RL02's don't crash after relocation) $3000 to
> $5000 is a great deal.
> I guess the hassle of finding all the parts, or just getting them
> turnkey ready has a price, as well
> as the trend for things to go up these days.
> thanks
> Jim

I'm actually surprised that it would be worth that much.
Moving RL02's is easy, just make sure the heads are locked by moving
the little metal plate next to the heads (and undo it after relocation
is done).

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