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> A lot of research and development went into the Lisa and Macintosh interfaces. They weren’t just “copied from Xerox.” If you sit someone who knows how to use a Mac in front of a circa-1979 Xerox Alto, they’ll be pretty mystified.

Absolutely -- but people who only know modern GUIs do not know this.

I have had just 1 chance to use a live working original Lisa. I was
fairly mystified myself. It's radically different from the Mac, and
the Lisa was radically different from the Xerox machines, from all the
demos I've seen.

I wrote here (
) about how much almost all modern desktop GUIs inherit from Windows
95, and how much Windows got from the Mac.

Only if you use pre-Windows 3/OS2 PM GUIs do you realise how
different, and diverse, they once were.
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