Looking for an Intel SRM

Camiel Vanderhoeven camiel.vanderhoeven at vmssoftware.com
Thu Mar 16 08:26:46 CDT 2017

Here¹s a long shot, about as long as they get.

I received an Intel iPSC/860 supercomputer, but it¹s lacking the Intel SRM
(System Resource Manager), without which the system is a boat anchor.

The SRM is an Intel 386 desktop machine, with a SYP301 motherboard and a
plugin card to connect it to the iPSC/860. There¹s a cable coming from the
iPSC with a 25-pin D connector, which I believe is the connection to the
SRM. It¹s not a regular serial port, but a bidirectional 2.6MByte per
second connection. The interface card likely uses a bunch of Xilinx chips
(the interface cards on the iPSC node boards do). I have not been able to
find a picture of what the box looks like on the outside, so I have no
idea. So, I¹m looking for one of these, preferably one the owner would be
willing to part with :-)


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