Any faithful VT100 Emulators?

Jay West jwest at
Wed Mar 22 14:57:57 CDT 2017

Ethan wrote...


I'm following this thread because I too want a decent terminal emulator that
works with a variety of vintage text editors (that seems to be the torture
test) but for Linux or OS X.  Putty seems to be a repeat suggestion but it's
not for my platforms.


The most faithful vt100 emulation I've seen myself (not that I've done a big
study or anything) is SecureCRT from Van Dyke. It is a commercial product,
but about the only commercial product I've decided is worth the cost. I use
it daily and pay for upgrades and new releases gladly.


I do know that they came out with a version for OSX a while back. I expect
that to be robust. There is a version for Linux, never tried that as I'm a
FreeBSD zealot. There is also an iphone/ipad app by secureCRT and I've used
it in a few pinches but never on a classic system. And the company has
actually heard of VMS ;)


Their support is off-the-charts. On more than one occasion I've emailed them
asking for this or that... and several times I've seen it implemented on the
next release. They actively listen and implement.


If the linux and OSX and app versions are as good as the windows one... it's
worth a shot.




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