MC68K's on DEUNA's

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    > From: John Wilson

    > I think this is DELUA?

Yes, that's right - sorry!

    > I'm getting old ... could have it wrong.

No, _I_'m the one who's getting old! (But in this case, that's not it - I
always get the names of those two mixed up!)

    > I'd be inclined to just try it.

I hadn't bought anything yet... :-) In particular, there's a source of really
cheap P12's, but if the 2mm width difference means the Pxx's won't fit, no use
paying good money for them, right?

    > the definitely-fried CPU (right?) that's in there now?

The definitely-missing CPU that's not in there now, actually! ;-)


Considering that I have never seen any sockets that were 2mm different
in width or length I really can't imagine any CPU not fitting.  I doubt 
Motorolla was in the business of custom making different size chips, even
for DEC.


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