MC68K's on DEUNA's

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>     > From: John Wilson
>     > I think this is DELUA?
> Yes, that's right - sorry!
>     > I'm getting old ... could have it wrong.
> No, _I_'m the one who's getting old! (But in this case, that's not it - I
> always get the names of those two mixed up!)
>     > I'd be inclined to just try it.
> I hadn't bought anything yet... :-) In particular, there's a source of really
> cheap P12's, but if the 2mm width difference means the Pxx's won't fit, no use
> paying good money for them, right?
>     > the definitely-fried CPU (right?) that's in there now?
> The definitely-missing CPU that's not in there now, actually! ;-)

I'd agree with Bill. DIP is DIP in this era. The 2mm difference will
be in the size of the package, not the offset of the pins coming out
of that package. IIRC, the ceramic packages had better heat radiation
properties, so a plastic package may need some help to shed its head
(heat sink, more air flow, etc).


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