Stuffing boards with pulled QFP chips

David Griffith dave at
Fri Mar 31 06:32:08 CDT 2017

I'm down to the last few P112 boards for sale and am pondering another run 
of them because demand is steady.  One of the biggest challenges for the 
last run was getting the QFP-packaged 100-pin chips[1] in a state such 
that the pick-and-place robot wouldn't throw a fit about slight 
differences in lead position.  The stuffing house insisted that I send 
them new chips.  Pulls, though they looked perfectly okay to me, were not 
acceptable.  Does anyone here know anything about pick-and-place robots 
using pulled 100-pin QFPs, particularly a stuffing house that can work 
with such chips and not screw up?

[1] The now-obsolete super-io chips

David Griffith
dave at

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