Kryoflux or Catweasle

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Thu May 25 09:31:52 CDT 2017

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> Mine are for specific-purpose applications, so they're not likely to be
> of use to anyone else.  Note that I'm not interested in archiving disks,
> but rather getting at their content and saving that.
> But golly, it isn't that difficult--most MCUs have several timers, and a
> "capture" facility so reading should be easy.  Writing is again, mostly
> feeding a PWM output to the drive.  The floppy interface itself is very
> much brain-dead.

This is indeed very easy to implement, I did it in less than a day, 
including some doc:
> This isn't news--the HxC emulator basically does the work and runs on an
> STM32F1 platform--which is weak tea compared to the ARM CPUs currently
> available.

I'm not sure this will work on my Teensy, but it will be fun to try. Or 
else I could upgrade.
> My .02 cents.
> Chuck

Fred Jan

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