Anyone remember ZOSO disks?

Al Kossow aek at
Mon May 29 15:17:53 CDT 2017

maybe some connection to Lifeboat Assoc?


Tony Gold's Lifeboat Associates is now located at 1651 Third Avenue, NYC, NY
10028, A new publication, labelled "Introductory Issue', and dated April, 1980
has been sent to us. While its annual subscription rate of $18, plus $6 for
the CP/M Users' Group catalog may strike some hobbyists as a trifle high,
there is considerable value in these items. To have both a list of latest
versions available of proprietary software products, and a compendium of bugs
in those products is of exceptional value to the serious hobbyist/programmer.
We trust that the incredible typographical errors encountered in this first
emission do not extend to data lists as well as descriptive text. What the
heck is a 'partical' list {p*4)? Zoso, hire a proofreader^

On 5/29/17 12:40 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
> On 5/29/17 10:30 AM, Amardeep S Chana via cctalk wrote:
>> I seem to recall this
>> person who went by the moniker of Zoso
> The mysterious Zoso was a reviewer of CP/M Users Group disks
> and was a contributor to Creative Computing, and probably other
> related SF Bay publications as well.

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