Firefly dual processor card

Eric Smith spacewar at
Wed May 31 14:48:14 CDT 2017

On May 31, 2017 11:06 AM, "Paul Koning via cctalk" <cctalk at>

To clarify: Firefly is an internal-only device built by DEC research in
Palo Alto.  It wasn't a product and as far as I remember wasn't the basis
of one, either.  There are some DEC SRC reports that describe aspects of
the Firefly.  I think Modula-3 was invented for it, but I may have my
research platforms mixed up.

DEC claimed that the VAXstation 3520/3540 was based on Firefly.  Certainly
many aspects of 35x0 are similar to 2nd gen Firefly, though details are

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