Cleaning and Restoring a Badly Corroded PSU

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at
Mon Oct 30 09:41:25 CDT 2017

I have ordered the part now anyway. Whether I will replace it or not I don't
know yet. I am told that ESR measurements are not enough to detect bad caps
though, although I always replace ones with ESR that is at or close to the
limit on the table printed on my meter.



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> Hi Rob,
> > By the way I just noticed a 15uF/25V one next to the fan connector. It
> > isn't one of the SXF ones as far as I can tell, do you recall replacing
>  My notes indicate it is a Chemi-Con SM, a general purpose 85°C part.  I
> replace it at least once, in one of my H7826s that didn't actually get to
> (yet?) and was still in a working condition.  I suspect doing the
> didn't really matter, as measuring the original gave reasonable readings
for its
> class.
>  I also have a later revision of H7826 which has LXF rather than SXF
> and this one looks really clean, almost like new, and also works
correctly.  I am
> in two minds about recapping this one, because despite of the good shape
> the PSU my sources indicate the LXF parts have also suffered from the
> quaternary ammonium salt syndrome.  I'll yet check the ESR for any
> raise.
>   Maciej

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