Spare parts for VT1xx available.

E. Groenenberg ed at
Sat Jan 6 15:15:19 CST 2018

Hello Mattis.

I could use a PSU for the 131 if it is still available.

Ik email, dus ik besta.
BTC : 1KsHRwUR3b8QkxwMRYocrPeY5TBCw2nVMF

On Sat, January 6, 2018 21:50, Mattis Lind via cctalk wrote:
> I was given three VT100 and one VT131 in not great condition.
> The biggest problem is that the keyboards are missing approximately 25% of
> the keys in average. For example all SETUP keys and NO SCROLL keys are
> missing. God know why.
> It makes little point for me try to find keytops for these four keyboards.
> Besides they are not actually matching the terminals except for one of
> them. Apparently the VT131 keyboard is slightly different from the VT100.
> Then two of the VT100 has a different first ROM chip and also an extra
> char
> gen chip (23-108E2 and 23-198E2). Seems to be some kind of European/
> Swedish/Scandinavian chargen and keyboard layout. The keyboards I received
> has US layout.
> I checked two PSUs, one monitor board, and one basic video (logic board)
> which seem to work OK. One keyboard tested and is working electrically.
> The cases are from OK to in quite ugly shape and the CRTs are from minimal
> screen burn to quite some screen burn (due to long time with inverse
> video).
> Is there interest in a full terminal? Parts? Keytops? I will probably keep
> one or two flyback transformers to keep the ones I have going.
> I am in Sweden.
> /Mattis

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