DECtape madness

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Tue Jan 16 12:19:59 CST 2018

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>> I've wondered if you might not make DECtape tape from 3/4" video tape.
>> I know that DECtape has mylar on both sides but what if you somehow
>> glued two strips of video tape together with the mylar backing on the
>> outside.  Probably want to build a jig of some sort and I'm not sure
>> what glue to use.
> I have read on several occasions about the mylar on both faces of the
> tape.  I have over 300 reels of DECTape in my collection.  Most of these
> are 3M Scotch branded but around 30 of them are DEC branded in the blue
> plastic boxes.  I have never seen one with mylar on both sides.  This may
> have been something that existed early on but certainly wasn't the norm.

Well, the spec is clear about a protective layer on top.  And I've always been told that it's mylar.  And the fact that DECtape is far more wear resistant than regular magtape makes it clear it isn't constructed the same way.

It is correct that it doesn't have a glossy top layer matching the glossy substrate.  But that doesn't mean there isn't a top layer present.


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