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Tue Jan 16 17:27:57 CST 2018

On 01/16/2018 04:19 PM, Fred Cisin via cctalk wrote:
> If you don't need the "handshake" for dialtone, ring, caller-ID, etc., 
> then all you need is some electric power.

Now I'm wondering about superimposing ~90 VAC (at 20 Hz) to simulate ring.

I think that the ""dialing modem could be configured to ignore the 
incoming ring while it's dialing.  If not, some analog circuitry might 
need to be applied.

I wonder if a momentary break between the two sides (still applying 9V 
to each) while applying ringing voltage to the receiving side would work.

Now I need to figure out how to stop my brain.

> For MAXIMUM realism, then the "answer" end should also get occasional 
> random "wrong number", incoming fax, "I'm calling to offer you a great 
> deal on" (I don't listen past that).


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Grant. . . .
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