Passing of a valued member

Toby Thain toby at
Wed Jan 17 17:12:56 CST 2018

To the list:

It is with deep personal sadness that I write that young list member
Marc Grenville-Cleave, of Dorset UK, has passed away. He was known
personally to several list members.

I did not have the pleasure of meeting him in person but as he was a
longtime friend I wanted to write a brief celebration of his life and

Most relevant to this list, Marc was an avid DEC collector and PDP-11
enthusiast and rescuer:
He was also the proud owner of a VAX-11/750, among other computers:

He was self-taught in many skills, including electronics, and had
natural gifts as an engineer. Around the age of 14 he designed an 8-bit
TTL CPU, which he called "Titan". You can read more here: &
The machine was wire-wrapped and soldered with his trademark meticulous
care, as you can see from the photos on the first site linked.

Here is a picture of Marc with some of his favourite machines (Titan in
the background):

Many people knew him on irc, as "bootnecklad" or "bnl", in the
#classiccmp Freenode channel and elsewhere. His sense of humour was
unique, sparkling and irreverent.

Aside from his electronics and retrocomputing interests, he restored his
beloved Range Rover Classic over a long period and finally got it
roadworthy in 2016. He was a perfectionist in this project as in
everything else.

Most recently Marc was a Electronic and Computer Engineering student at
the University of Nottingham.

He will be painfully missed by very many people.


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