Televideo 970

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Tue Jan 23 06:58:19 CST 2018

Hi All,

I got a lovely Televideo 970 terminal from another list-member over the 
weekend. Aside from some PSU capacitor issues, it needs a little TLC:

1) The EMI filter had gone open-circuit - it's one of those metal can types 
which is integrated with the IEC power input connector. Are these still 
obtainable anywhere? It seems like equipment these days just has the 
filtering directly on the PSU board, rather than as a separate module. I've 
just bypassed it for testing, but I don't want to leave it like that.

2) I have a faulty back-tab, left shift and return key (return's simply 
unresponsive, while the other two stick down). Do the keycaps on these 
terminals simply pull off, or is there some trick to removal? I did some 
experimental prying, but didn't want to try too hard and risk snapping the 
switch stem.

I don't know if switches are still available, but worst-case I can swap the 
faulty ones with ones for some of the 'special' keys that I'm extremely 
unlikely to ever use.



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