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Wed Jan 24 13:06:56 CST 2018

Well, let me know if you find another one. Or, if anyone else has one
they'd be willing to part with for reasonable money. The regular 3278
type keyboards won't work on an IBM 3101 - and those are a lot more
common. The one I need looks like this:

It has the configuration switches to set the baud rate and such under
that panel at the top.

Without this particular keyboard, the terminal I have is useless - you
can't even have it just receive/display data, since the configuration
switches are in the keyboard.

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 1:42 PM, Electronics Plus <sales at> wrote:
> I had no idea you wanted one! I just sold 1 in superb shape, but yes, the fellow did pay a fortune for them. He is in Canada.
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>> …are the bane of my existence and should all rot in hell.
>> Sorry, I just received an email from a “keyboard enthusiast” who was
>> looking for various IBM 327x keyboards and wanted to know if I could
>> help him and I needed to vent a little.
> Ugh. Don't get me started. I collect terminals. Missing keyboards is a perennial problem, but it's gotten WAY worse in recent years. I have two terminals here that are missing the keyboards because some "enthusiast" bought them out from under me during an eBay transaction.
> So, now I have an Infoton and an IBM 3101 here that are completely worthless because the keyboards are missing.
> And I have no hope of ever finding replacements - especially for the IBM 3101, because that's one of the ones the keyboard jerks really seem to love because it's the older beam spring kind.
> Grr.....
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