Interest Check: Belden Thicknet 10base5 Ethernet Coax

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Tue Jan 30 18:06:44 CST 2018

Full disclosure on price: right now if I buy one spool, it'll be $0.60/foot
to me, I was thinking I'd charge $1/foot for moderate lengths, of course
I'm willing to make a deal on bulk purchases, especially if it ends up
being local pick-up (here in VA or VCF East). I haven't dressed out cable
this large for N connectors in a long time (last stuff was Times Microwave
LMR400 for long-range 802.11b stuff) so I'm not sure what the N connectors
cost nowadays or how long it'll take me to crimp them on.

Not sure how tightly it can coil, but I bet I can fit a load of it in a
15x15x4 box, of which I have plenty. Shortish sections should be able to
ship USPS for decent rates, for larger quantities I can use my UPS
shipper's account (I have negotiated rates with them).

Here's the datasheet on the stuff:

DEC spec, orange jacket, plenum rated.


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