Replica IBM 5150 PC motherboard

allison allisonportable at
Thu Mar 8 16:49:22 CST 2018

On 03/08/2018 05:38 PM, Paul Berger via cctalk wrote:
> Hmmmm I don't remember my original PC having all the chips in sockets
> nor do I recall it having 64Kb DRAMs.  I clearly recall that it had
> one bank of 16Kb DRAMs soldered down and sockets for three more banks
> of 16Kb chips.  The only other sockets on the board where for the ROM,
> CPU, and math coprocessor.  hardly a fathful reproduction.
> Paul.


That is the rev-b still 5150 but the next 4 digits are that hardware it was.
your correct the first version only took 16k Drams x4 banks (64K).  It was
very obvious that was way too little and a "few" revs were done to use 64K
and later 256K parts.

Personally why would any one want to build that?  It ran at 50% of what
the 8088 could do in the day and was memory poor.  I know that as I was
running a Multibus 8088 at 8mhz just as that was introduced.  That
was faster.


> On 2018-03-08 6:30 PM, Liam Proven via cctalk wrote:
>> This turned up on Fess Bouc yesterday and it was news to me.
>> It's a DIY replica of an original IBM PC motherboard:

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