Calling Philip Pemberton - UNIX PC/3b1 Emulator follow-up

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Wed Nov 19 04:02:27 CST 2014


I have studied the documentation on your work on your 3b1 emulator project.

I am trying to rebuild a bootloader for a Convergent Technologies
MightyFrame, and I have several working UNIX PCs that I am using for study,
since they are similar...(by no means identical, but similar enough).

You seem to have done some fantastic work on

I see your posts on comp.sys.3b1 from 3+ years ago, and I am very impressed
with your ability to decode the design of the UNIX PCs bootloader file.

I was wondering if I could request some help with doing the same for our
MightyFrame bootloader.

I'd love to chat.  I've sent a few emails to the address you provide on
your 3b1 emulator site, as well as responded to your 3-year-old
comp.sys.3b1 thread.

Congratulations on some fantastic work, and I look forward to connecting
with you.

-AJ Palmgren


 Download the s4load.verbose source code

Here Philip Pemberton discusses the code inside of s4load.verbose

For reference, Philip is the author of a 3b1 emulator project

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