11/73 (ba23) bringup after 12 years in deplorable storage conditions

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Fri Nov 21 06:52:56 CST 2014

    > From: Robert Jarratt

    > There is no printset that I am aware of the for the H7864 PSU.

Really? Wow. With all the machines that used BA23 boxes (both -11s and
uVAXen), you'd think that the printset for _one_ of them would have included
the H7864. That was common DEC practise; the print-set for the 11/xx system
as a whole usually included the prints for the 'standard' power supply for
that machine. (That's how we have the prints for the H786 BA-11N power supply
- as part of the prints for the 11/23 - someone kindly pointed that out to

So I'd check out all the machines that came in a BA23, and look for the print
sets for them, and see if any has the H7864 included. (If anyone finds them,
do let us know if you succeed - I have a feeling I'll be needing them before
too long! :-)


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