Yay, now I need some Osborne boot media!

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Mon Nov 24 11:32:18 CST 2014

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> >
>>>   As things
>>> sit, I don't even have a PC with a 5-1/4" drive installed, if (and
>>> that's
>>> +if+) it were capable of writing discs for the Osborne format.
>>If you have any serious intentions of vintage computer collecting, this is
>>a must have.
> Isn't "must have" a bit strong?
> Maybe I'm more of a vintage computer user than a collector or maybe I'm
> just
> not serious but a VAXstation 2000 and a BBC Micro have managed to cope
> with
> all of my 5-1/4" disk needs so far.  As far as I'm concerned the hobby is
> about what can be done without resorting to a PC, not what can be done
> with
> one as a prerequisite or as some kind of fallback to be used for routine
> tasks.
You can also do without an oscilloscope or even a screwdriver, but they do
make some things a lot easier; why should not using a certain common tool be 
a prerequisite of this hobby, especially when so much of it involves 
exchanging with others.

> Now back to the regular religious war on US vs European power distribution
> (which I have strongly held opinions on too but I don't think it's going
> to
> do much good to voice them, especially when each mail seem to be arriving
> twice until the list gets back to normal...)
You're probably signed up under two different email addresses; check the
address on your incoming mail and if they're different unsub one of them.

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