IBM 9406-270 Install Media / Drive Recommendations?

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at
Mon Nov 24 15:51:00 CST 2014

Classic Computer Enthusiasts,

On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 08:45:46AM -0600, Kevin Monceaux wrote:
> I took a chance on an IBM 9406-270:
> I probably paid way too much for it, especially without drives.  The fact
> that it was small enough to not require freight shipping appealed to me.

Well, this may turn out to be more of an ordeal than I'd originally hoped.
Shipping for the item was listed as "$50 Standard Shipping" with no mention
of freight shipping.  But, the seller shipped it via a freight carrier.
Surprisingly they've assured there would be no additional freight charges,
and have even offered to reimburse me for lift-gate service if that ends up
being required.  There's no way a freight carrier could get in and out of my
driveway, and there's no one home during the day to accept the delivery.
Hopefully I can arrange dock pick-up.  I'm think it's small enough that I
could get it in and out of my mini-van myself.

> Does anyone have suitable OS/400 install media for this box I could borrow
> or get a copy of?

Thanks to someone on another list I have copies of install media.

> I know I need AS/400 specific drives for this box.

I've also ordered a two drives.

> I'll also need a twinax terminal for a console, and probably a multi-port
> twinax connector block since one wasn't listed in the eBay listing with the
> box itself.

I've been told if I acquire a second ethernet card I can set up one for
console access instead of using a twinax terminal as the console.  Does
anyone know if that requires special software or can 5250 emulator can be
used for the console?  All my PCs run Linux so if Windoze software is
required that could be a problem.  Actually I like twinax terminals,
especially the keyboards, but there are very few listed on eBay right now
and they're all more than I'd really want to pay for one.  Does anyone have
a twinax terminal in need of a good home?  


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