Apple IIe/GBBSPro v1.3/MSS100 help

geneb geneb at
Thu Nov 27 09:28:57 CST 2014

On Wed, 26 Nov 2014, Kevin Reynolds wrote:

> Hey guys,I've been working on trying to get an internet based BBS setup 
> on my apple IIe.I have GBBSPro 1.3 running on the IIe using a super 
> serial card in slot 2, switched to run at 2400BPS.  I have the modem set 
> to external, and the modem type is "Hayes Smartmodem 2400".I am using a 
> straight through 25M-25F between the MSS100 and the super serial card.

You'll need a null modem in there unless the MSS100 is configured as DCE.

The AT command string is coming from GBBS.  You should know this. :)


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