Apple IIe/GBBSPro v1.3/MSS100 help

Kevin Reynolds tpresence at
Thu Nov 27 18:13:55 CST 2014

I went through testing both ends of the connection with a PC running linux and minicom. 

Test #1 -

All devices and software set to 2400BPS N81.
MS100 connected to the network, connected to linux pc using a USB-> Serial adapter with minicom
When I telnet to the MS100 remote access port, the linux pc sees:



Anything typed after that goes through to the other end.  Bidirectional works.

Test #2 -
All devices and software set to 2400BPS N81.
Apple II SSC connected to USB->Serial adapter connected to linux PC running minicom
GBBSPro set to using external SSC in slot 2 with Hayes Smartmodem 2400 or USR Courier 2400.
When I bring GBBS Pro up:
On the linux PC:
Initially garbage init string from GBBS.





does nothing.

Test #3 -
All devices and software set to 2400BPS N81.
Apple II SSC connected to USB->Serial adapter connected to linux PC running minicom
Proterm set up in unattended mode
Linux PC:
Garbage (init string from proterm)

If I turn the baud rate down on the MSS100 and the baud rate down on minicom
Linux PC:
<type "RING">
<type "CONNECT">
<recv Init string from proterm>
<type password "hello">
stuff typed on both sides work as expected.

So it appears that connectivity works at 1200 bps, but not at 2400bps.  What might cause this?
The strange thing is, I can connect at 19200 or 115200 with ADTPRO from this same setup to the linux pc running ATDPRO.
This tells me that the cabling and all devices are intact.

My worry is that GBBSPRO doesn't know what to do with "CONNECT 2400", but maybe I am wrong.  Any ideas?


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> I would like to suggest connecting the modem to another computer to 
> eliminate the modem from the could be that the send side of 
> the super serial card is working, but the receive side is broken
> On 27-11-14 01:53, Kevin Reynolds wrote:
>> Hey guys,I've been working on trying to get an internet based BBS setup on my apple IIe.I have GBBSPro 1.3 running on the IIe using a super serial card in slot 2, switched to run at 2400BPS. I have the modem set to external, and the modem type is "Hayes Smartmodem 2400".I am using a straight through 25M-25F between the MSS100 and the super serial card. The ssc selector block is pointing to "terminal". There is no null modem in the setup.The MSS100 is accepting remote connections, and the serial port is also at 2400BPS N81. The settings for Access: remote, DSR logout, DTR wait, and Modem Emulation are checked. I have tried all flow control options and none.When I telnet to the remote access port (2001 or 3001) it connects but immediately disconnects. Once in a while I see an modem initialization string on the terminal before it closes. The string is "ATX3S0=1&C1&D2S2=128". I understand what the init string does, but I'm not sure if its coming from the MSS100 or from the BB
> S
> . During this period, the bbs is just sitting at the "waiting for call" screen.If I turn off DSR logout, I do not get disconnected, but I'm not connected to the bbs.Anyone have any experience with this? Are there any settings that must be changed?Thanks in advance,Kevin© 2014 MicrosoftTermsPrivacy & cookiesDevelopersEnglish (United States) 
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