RA-81 issues

Jerry Wright g-wright at att.net
Mon Feb 9 00:06:52 CST 2015

Well to sum it all up,  long term project. started last summer so re-capping
what was done then and now.  All of the RA-81's  Look to have bad Tack 

sensors. I don't have a working one to try.   Thanks, Kevin for the input

helps confirm what I have been seeing.

The cable on the right is for the belt tension. The brake is part of the motor
most likely electric  I would guess.

The service manual has the wiring wrong on the tack plug so be careful.

The print set for these on Bitsavers is missing pages that cover the Read/
Write board which is part of the tack system.

If anyone has a complete copy of the print set or knows where one is ??

Please let me Know.

Thanks,  Jerry

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well now I feel real dumb.  I was looking for the  drive locks
and could only find the head lock.  Now I know the cable on 
the right is *not* for belt tension.  Thanks all

Henk, Is your 11/60 running

- Jerry    

Hi Jerry,
the 11/60 is running - sort of ... The console works,
so the CPU is OK. But store/examine memory location
seem to indicates stuck bit(s)  :-/
I just finished moving the collection to a 2150 sq. ft room
and found out that *many* systems need TLC.
The 11/60 is just one in the queue! I also want to work
on the website, but time flies ...


- Henk

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