Classic computing goes mainstream....

tony duell ard at
Sun Feb 8 13:46:35 CST 2015

> Working BBC-B's seem rare. Spetrums less so but as both (Really)only interest UK collectors I can't seem them
> ever fetching mega mucks.

Are they? I find working Beebs crawling out of the woodwork. Now some of the add-ons are a bit harder to
find (32016 2nd processor, ARM development system), as are things like the ACW and ABC.

My thought is that machines that people used when younger (Beebs, Spectrums, etc) will suffer price increases
due to nostalgia value. More interesting machines that nobody really remembers will not. This has certainly
happened in telephone collecting where a Bakelite 300 series telephone is worth a lot more than a Planset, the 
latter being much more interesting technically. I suspect that, say, a Mac128 will be more valuable than an
HP9816, but I know which I would rather have on the bench... 


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