11/23+ Console cables

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Feb 16 13:47:46 CST 2015

This may be common knowledge here, but I was unaware of it (and, AFAIK, the
DEC documentation doesn't point this out), so here goes...

It turns out one doesn't need the fancy cab-kit to connect up to an 11/23+'s
console. The headers on the card are completely compatible with standard
DLV11-J connectors, and a DLV11-J cable can be used to connect up to an
11/23+ card. (One has to select the desired baud rate with the DIP switches
on the card, of course.) I have verified this by trying it, and it worked.

The cabkits merely allow one to select the baud rate at the console connector
(via a clock generator on the cabkit, and the 'external clock' input on the
serial interface). This implies that one should be able to plug a cabkit into
an appropriately configured DLV11-J (external serial clock select), and
select the baud rate via the switch on the cabkit. I haven't tried that,


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